Dr. Lisa Page works effectively with individuals, couples, and families. She uses an empathetic, but “no bull” approach in working with individuals and organizations to help people overcome their dysfunction and be intentional in reaching their daily to long-term goals. She helps people overcome their fears and resistance to change, in order to work from the inside out to reach self-acceptance and help some people accomplish goals beyond their imagination.

Dr. Page’s experience includes crisis work, as the leader of crisis intervention for pilots and flight attendants of United Airlines following the terrorist attacks on 9/11 to working with people recovering from substance use, weight-management, insomnia and other sleep disorders. She also has experience teaching and providing career counseling and mediating couples and families through divorce with less pain.

Dr. Page strives to create an exceptional experience for everyone with whom she works. She is a ‘straight-shooter’ when necessary and wants every client’s experience to be both relevant and helpful.

In her organizational work, Dr. Page works with leaders to help build growth for their company and within their organization. She provides strategic planning, goal setting, team building and succession planning services. Her organizational experience includes numerous family-owned or smaller organizations all the way up to Fortune 500 Companies.

Dr. Page is a native of Park Ridge, having moved away and later returned to work and to raise her family. She earned her undergraduate degree from Columbia College, her Master’s in Counseling and Organizational Counseling from Adler University, and her doctorate degree from the University of the Rockies.