Adult Assessment services address questions about mental health diagnoses to better understand cognitive and emotional processes. These assessment services are useful in treatment planning and determining appropriate services for adults who may have mental health needs.

Psychological testing, including questionnaires, computer-based instruments, interactive tests, and visual/expressive tests can clarify clients’ issues and identify the best course of treatment much more quickly and efficiently than interviews alone. A formal psychological assessment to help therapists and their patients gain a better understanding of their treatment process. Not only do assessment findings help therapists and psychiatrists work more effectively, clients consistently report that the process of assessment helps them improve their understanding of themselves and others.

Individuals who are experiencing problems with memory, attention, or learning are referred for complete cognitive testing to get a better understanding of how a medical or neurological disorder is impacting cognitive functioning. The results of the cognitive tests are used to provide recommendations and available treatment options that are geared toward optimizing quality of life across work, home, and community settings.

Psychologists at ACP are skilled in the following assessments:

Psychological evaluation 

  • Personality tests (Rorschach, TAT, Drawings, Sentence Completion, etc.)
  • Objective assessment (MMPI, MCMI, etc.)

Neuropsychological Assessment

  • Adult Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD
  • Educational and Career Accommodations
  • Dementia (now called Major Neurocognitive Disorder) and Mild Cognitive Impairment (now called Minor Neurocognitive Disorder)

Career Assessment

  • Interest Inventories
  • Strengths based assessments (VIA, Realise2, etc.)