Child & Adolescent Assessment Services

Assessing a child’s true strengths and challenges presents a starting point for developing a program to lead a child towards a positive experience in all aspects of life. When parents, teachers, and the child are all aware of the child’s specific needs and strengths, the path to success becomes clearer and, thus, more attainable.

At ACP Consultants, we provide comprehensive assessment services designed to address your child’s specific needs. Psychological and personality testing can help identify the source of the emotional struggles your child or adolescent may be experiencing. ADHD assessment can aid in making an accurate diagnosis and develop a workable treatment plan. Psycho-educational and school neuropsychological testing for children of all abilities can uncover each child’s unique learning profile and provide specific, detailed and evidence-based intervention recommendations. We also provide Independent Educational Evaluations and other testing services in partnership with school districts or as a second opinion for parents to diagnose educational disabilities.

Psychological and Personality Testing

  • Emotional disorders
  • Behavior disorders
  • Social issues
  • Diagnosis and treatment plan development

Psycho-Educational/ School Neuropsycholgical Testing

  • IQ Tests
  • Gifted Child
  • Learning Styles
  • Learning and memory
  • Achievement
  • Reading/Dyslexia
  • Mathematics
  • Executive functioning

Disability Assessment

  • Educational Disabilities
  • Dyslexia
  • Processing disorders
  • Autism spectrum disorders
  • Developmental Disabilities

Other Specialized Assessment

  • Independent Educational Evaluation
  • Second opinion evaluations
  • IEP and 504 assessments
  • Evaluation and accommodation plans