Dr. Page’s Approach to Lifestyle Medicine is a Pathway to Optimal Well-being and Quality of Life.

Dr. Lisa Page, the Founder of the Midwest Institute for Lifestyle Medicine understands that it isn’t that people don’t want to live healthier lives, but that there are so many life responsibilities competing for our time and resources that it is often difficult to make focusing on ourselves a priority. However, as the safety announcements that are played on airplanes before a flight, it is imperative to put our own “oxygen masks on first”. That’s why Dr. Page developed this program to help people make small, sustainable changes from which they can build upon to live longer, healthier lives.

Through personalized consultations and group classes, Dr. Page works with clients to create individualized plans tailored to their own unique circumstances, and to craft nutrition, exercise, stress management, sleep optimization, and eliminating of negative habits programs to fit your unique needs.

Dr. Page will further work with you to overcome obstacles that distract from achieving your goals. In a world where everybody wants “better, faster, cheaper” we must change our mindset in order to focus on healthier options.

Dr. Page’s trailblazing program is driven by a passion for holistic health that addresses the root causes of disease in order to reduce medication and to build a greater, long-term quality of life.